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I'm a word nerd. I’ve written for magazines, internal reports, creative concept pitches, and academic and industry publications.
A well-placed comma thrills me. Put my love of language to work for you on your next writing project.



Big or small, I love the process of writing for exhibits. I have researched, written, and edited topics from art to zoos. My goal is always to get to the point, but have fun getting there! When it comes to exhibits (and pandas), small can be powerful. This red panda signage cuts to the chase, providing guests with the answers to their questions without getting in the way of the viewing experience.


The Indianapolis Prize is the world’s leading award for animal conservation. These trading cards help kids connect with Indianapolis Prize conservationists at the Meet a Hero event, where animal heroes sign their cards for guests and discuss their conservation adventures. Even big kids like me can’t resist getting them signed.



I have extensive experience producing articles for a variety of audiences. I have written more than 50 articles for the Indianapolis Zoo's member magazine, which reaches 40,000+ households.


Working from conceptual design drawings and a list of client requests, I imagine the guest experience from entry to exit. For a major architectural firm’s new water park project, I connected the park’s dinosaur theme to rides, thematic architectural elements, and even retail opportunities. For other projects, I’ve prepared visual inspiration boards, written detailed gallery walk-throughs, and even storyboarded the guest experience.

Water Slides